I’ve been asked recently to define the difference between TCVA and WAA. The two organizations exist on the same property, and share some services – but the organizations are separate nonprofit corporations, and are very discrete from each other in structure, funding, and mission.

Who is Westinghouse Arts Academy?

From their website: “Westinghouse Arts Academy is dedicated to providing a comprehensive arts program for high school students to further develop their artistic skills and achieve higher academic goals through the arts. Westinghouse Arts Academy will also encourage the importance of individuality, excellence, self- responsibility, as well as problem solving, divergent and autonomous thinking. It is the intention of Westinghouse Arts Academy to achieve these goals through an environment that accommodates diverse interests within a set of uniform standards that allows each student to pursue their own objectives yet work together to compete on a larger world stage.”

WAA is a nonprofit corporation with a board of trustees, overseeing a tuition-free public school. It collects funds through home district school taxes and raises additional funds through its own development and fundraising efforts. All of WAA’s funds are devoted to serving its students.

Who is TCV Arts?

“TCV ARTS provides arts and culture programming and community development assets to the Turtle Creek Valley region of Pennsylvania. All people deserve access to arts and cultural programming and education.  TCV Arts provides resources and experiences to schools and individuals which allow every person to realize their full potential for artistic expression and engagement.”

TCVA is also a nonprofit corporation. TCVA owns and leases property that the two organizations share. TCVA’s mission focus includes the support of WAA but extends out from there, leveraging our facilities to develop programs for our communities, building a vibrant performing and visual arts campus, and using the economic benefits deriving from our activity to develop and enrich the business and living climate of the Turtle Creek Valley. TCVA has its own development efforts and seeks to work closely with municipal, county, and state governments, corporations, foundations, and private individuals to benefit our region.