The beginning of the academic year is a wild time. So much to prepare for, so many new things. So many new students!

The Academy faculty come back from break next Monday, and dive headlong into several intense days of preparation: as a faculty, within their departments, and in their individual classrooms. I look down our hallways and wonder how it will ever all be ready for the students to come back? I trust that all will be fine, but in my mind there’s that flicker of doubt.

It’s that moment of uncertainty – Will we have it all together in time? – that makes the rising of the curtain so much more special for us who shared that flash of “are we even going to pull this off?”

For me, these are the moments that bind memories. When we pull the rope, or make the entrance, or sing the harmony, or take the meeting despite our misgivings… and manifest our own part of something new into the world, animated by lightning and thunder amid a raging storm, or blooming quietly as a flower in the soft rain.

These are the war stories, the memories we will still share and remember when decades have passed.

Here’s to the birth of new memories.