Westinghouse Arts Academy Theatre

The Westinghouse Arts Academy Theatre is a 670-seat proscenium theatre serving the student performances and communities of the Turtle Creek Valley.  The theatre is housed in the former George Westinghouse Memorial High School.  Built in 1936, the auditorium still showcases many of its original Art Deco-inspired design features. 


The theatre is available for bookings.  Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to reserve a space today!

Technical Specs:



Proscenium opening: 44′ width 23′ height

SL Wing: 6′ width 22′ depth

SR Wing: 6′ width 22′ depth

Apron to cyc: 22′ depth

Apron to Plaster Line: 5.5’ depth

Apron: 44’ width 5’ depth 

Upstage crossover: 3′ depth

Grid height: 33′


1- Gold Main Curtain: Bi Parting Traveler

1- Gold Teaser and Tormenter upstage of Main

2 sets of black legs on rotodraper tracks

1- Light Blue Cyc


The space consists of 11 dead hung battens. 

Batten #1: Main Border (Not Movable)    23′ Trim Height

Batten #2: Main Curtain Traveler (Not Movable)    19′ Trim Height

Batten #3: Gold Teaser/ Tormentor    19′ Trim Height

Batten #4: 1st Electric   14′ Trim Height

Batten #5: Black Border #1   19′ Trim Height 

Permanent Motorized Video Screen

Batten #6: Leg #1   19′ Trim Height 

Batten #7: OPEN (used often as 2nd Electric)    17′ Trim Height

Batten #8: Black Border #2   19′ Trim Height 

Batten #9: 3rd Electric    19′ Trim Height   

Batten #10: Leg #2   19′ Trim Height 

Batten #11: Cyc    19′ Trim Height 


Front of House:

6- 14 degree ETC Colorsource spots

4- 10 degree ETC Colorsource spots

6- 50 degree ETC Colorsource spots

8- 50lbs boom bases


Board: ETC Element II.

There is no in-house dimmer rack.


There are 2 cam-lock company switches outside the stage right hallway able to handle additional sound and lighting.


Westinghouse has a small sound rep plot and board with 20 inputs. We also have a variety of handheld microphones. Please contact us regarding your specific needs.


Orchestra Seating: 652 seats
Balcony: (Closed for renovations)

4 Dedicated ADA Accessible Seats (more can be added)


There is no sunken orchestra pit however the “pit” space area is in front of the apron and is 44′ wide by 9′ deep. Masking is available.


Two Backstage dressing rooms (#1 hold 15 people, #2 holds 10 people)

Dressing rooms are fully equipped with clear-com paging monitors. 

Rehearsal hall with mirrors

Theatre Use (Non Profit)
Daily Rate $1,000.00 (Requires Staffing)
Hourly Rate (min 4 hours) $150.00 (Requires Staffing)
Week Rate $4,500.00 (Requires Staffing)
Theatre Use (Commercial)
Daily Rate $2,000.00 (Requires Staffing)
Half-Day Rate $1,000.00 (Requires Staffing)
Week Rate $9,000.00 (Requires Staffing)
Lighting/ Sound System with operator
$750.00 Per Reh/Performance
$3,000.00 Per Week
additional gear above rep at cost +15%
Lighting Focus (For anything outside of rep plot) $35.00 Per Hour
Followspot Rental
$75.00 Per Performance
$500.00 Per Week
Marley Dance Floor
n/a Per Performance
$500.00 Per Week
Box Office Service
$550.00 per engagement
$100.00 per performance (required)
Gaff Tape, Spike Tape, Expendables at cost +15%
Air Conditioning $2,500.00 Weekly
Cleaning Fee $300.00 per performance


Theatre Staffing
Theatre Manager
$50.00 per hour
$75.00 after 8 hours/day, or 40/week
Stage Manager, Sound Op, Lighting Op
$45.00 per hour
$67.50 after 8 hours/day, or 40/week
FOH Manager $100.00 per performance
FOH Staff $20.00 Per hour (4 hour minimum)
Stagehand Rate (Followspot, Crew) $45.00 Per hour (4 hour minimum)
Stagehand Rate (General Hand) $35.00 Per hour (4 hour minimum)
Black Pipe and Drape 8’* $20.00 per section
2 NEC Projectors* $150.00 per day
Projector Screen $100.00 per day
Digital Piano* $150.00 per event
Podium $15.00 per event
8′ Folding tables $5.00 per day
6′ folding tables $4.00 per day
Folding Chairs $2.00 per day
2- Tech Tables $15.00 per event
Music Stand Lights $3.00 per event/light
Music Stands $5.00 per event/stand
Typical Event Staffing Requirements
Theatre Manager
Lighting Operator
Sound Operator
House Manager