TCVA Art Gallery – Artist Application and Exhibitor’s Release

Artist Application Process

When submitting the Artist Application, please attach one or two photos or include a website where the work(s) can be viewed. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Priority is given to artists who reside or work within the Turtle Creek Valley area, Allegheny County, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Upon receipt of the application, artists will receive email confirmation and additional information about exhibiting at TCVA Gallery.

Artist Gallery Application

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Exhibitor's Release Form

I, the undersigned, have seen the area where my works are to be displayed and am informed about the precautions that TCV Arts will take in order to safeguard my property.

I understand that, in spite of these precautions, it is possible for theft of and/or damage to my property to occur, and in such event, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Turtle Creek Valley Arts, its Board, officers, employees and agents, and the Westinghouse Arts Academy, its Board of Trustees, officers, employees and agents.



_______ I understand that the TCVA Gallery has a $3.00 hanging fee, and $15.00 per shelf fee.

_______ I understand I am responsible for installing and labeling my artwork.

_______ I understand that sales of my artwork are solely handled through TCV Arts.

_______ I understand that my works may not be sexually explicit or graphically violent because of the multi-use nature of the Community Center.

_______ I agree to allow images of my work to be used on the TCV Arts website or media channels for exhibit-related publicity.


SIGNATURE: _______________________________________DATE:__________________ 

Nature of Exhibitions

Since the TCVA Gallery is a public facility utilized by the Westinghouse Arts Academy and other members of our community, the nature of daily activities requires some discretion in the type of work displayed. Work that is sexually explicit (work that is representational or realistic in depiction of human genitals is considered sexually explicit by TCV Arts) or is graphically violent will not be considered appropriate to the space. TCV Arts reserves the right to remove work that does not meet these guidelines and store it until the artist can be contacted. TCV Arts staff and artists work together to create an atmosphere that is sensitive to the multi-use nature of the facilities.



Installation fees are payable to TCV Arts at the beginning of the exhibit. All work should be framed, mounted, or presented in as professional a manner as possible. If this is your first exhibit, please contact the TCV Arts office. TCV Arts reserves the right to turn away artwork that does not meet its guidelines. Before installing your exhibit, please visit TCV Arts to become familiar with the exhibit area and determine how many works to include. Ladders are provided upon request. Installation guidelines are as follows:


  • The walls of the gallery are lined with painted homasote.  The panels will accept hanging hardware from tacks to brads to short drywall screws. 
  • Sturdy eye hooks or D-rings – with hanging wire – are preferred for all pieces regardless of size to ensure that the artwork hangs properly.


Artwork Labels & Exhibit Information

2D Labels should be placed at the lower right-hand corner of the work with Handi-tak (available at any office supply store) or a similar product. Please place the following information on a sturdy, small, attractive label:

  • Title of Work • Name of Artist • Medium (Watercolor, Oil, Photograph, etc.) • Price or NFS (Not for Sale) • Contact Information – Phone and/or Email


All exhibit signage must be hung on the wall; easels cannot be used. Consider hanging a framed exhibit page that includes exhibit details, reception date (if any) and biographical information. Business or post cards and holds can be integrated into your title page. Do not attach them directly to the wall.


List of Works

A complete list of the works in your exhibit with the title, price, medium and contact information should be given to TCV Arts prior to installation.


Sale of Works

Artists are welcome to sell their artwork; TCV Arts charges a minimum 35% sales commission. All sales resulting from an exhibition at the TCVA Gallery will be processed through TCV Arts and are subject to the sales commission. If a work is sold during a show, it should not be removed until the end of the show. If it is necessary to remove the piece, a suitable replacement may be hung with approval of TCV Arts. For security reasons, whenever a work is taken down, it must be signed out in the presence of a TCV Arts representative. A photo ID will be required.


Exhibit Reception

Artists may choose to host a reception for the exhibit. Please contact us for details on space and date selection. Artists are responsible for coordinating all details for the reception, including booking the reception space through TCV Arts. After the request is received, a rental agreement will be sent to you. Please review, sign, and return the rental agreement with payment.


TCV Arts Publicity and Communications

Please provide an image and brief description of your exhibit to TCV Arts one or two months prior to your exhibit. TCV Arts will include the exhibit information on our website and on our online public calendars. Photos and descriptions may also be used in TCV Arts marketing materials or on social media. The artist is primarily responsible for promoting the exhibit. If you are sending postcards or invitations, please include your return address and include TCVA Gallery’s hours of operation (see below). If you are publicizing your exhibit with local media, check with each one for deadlines. 



TCVA Gallery exhibits are open when Westinghouse Arts Academy is not in regular session:

  • Monday through Friday: 3:00 pm-7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm-4:00 pm

**Because of the multi-use nature of the TCVA gallery and other TCVA facilities, the gallery or other facility areas may not open to the public during rentals, classes, and some programs. Either facility may be closed or hours reduced on major holidays. 



TCV Arts will not accept responsibility for any damaged or stolen artwork. However, staff will take all possible care to safeguard the exhibits. This is a public space; each artist hangs at his or her own risk. An Exhibitor’s Release is included in this application and must be signed prior to scheduling of the exhibit.